Make Your Aluminum Clean.

SNT 3003 Concentrated Aluminum Cleaning


SNT 3003 cleans and polishes aluminum surfaces without sanding. It has adhesion feature in applications on vertical surfaces. Acid-free. Easily soluble in water at any rate.


It is used in all alloys containing aluminum in its alloy to remove oil from dirt and oxide layer. It is used for cleaning of air conditioners, cooling coils and dust, dirt, oil and various microorganisms formed on their surfaces. It is used in ram machines in textile industry with excessive oil and carbonized latches. It is used for cleaning oil in unpainted metals such as stainless steel, chrome and sheet metal. It is used for cleaning oil and carbon dirt formed on baking equipment, bread pans, cake molds used in kitchens. It is used for cleaning the aluminum parts used in the production stage from the oil.


It provides maximum cleaning by holding onto vertical surfaces. Saves time, labor and product. It saves energy by completely cleaning the aluminum cooling and heating systems. It is very economical due to its intensive concentration.


  • For light impurities: 1 part of SNT 3003/30 is mixed with water and made ready for use.
  • For medium impurities: 1 part SNT 3003/10 is mixed with 10 parts water to make it ready for use.
  • For heavy impurities: 1 part of SNT 3003/5 is mixed with 5 parts of water to make it ready for use.
  • The prepared product is applied to the unpainted aluminum surfaces by hand sprayers or pressure washers. 5 - 10 min. Expected. Rinse with water before drying. Dipping and brushing methods can also be used depending on the surface to be cleaned. DO NOT USE ON PAINTED, POLISHED, POLISHED SURFACES.