Cleans Fabrics Without Wearing and Easily.

SNT 3004 Concentrated Raw Fabric Cleaner


SNT 3004 Produced specifically for cleaning raw fabrics. Concentrate, alkali is a strong oil solvent. It is effective in cleaning organic and inorganic oils. It is water based. It is not flammable, flammable and explosive. Biodegradable in nature.


SNT 3004 removes oil stains and dirt on the raw fabrics in the textile industry. It is used for removing oil, dirt and other stains on all kinds of synthetic and semi-synthetic fabrics during or after weaving. It is especially used for cleaning oil stains on fabrics by using tweezers at quality control tables. It is used as oil remover in fabric washing units in dyehouses. It is used for cleaning dirty carpets, seats, flooring and floor in vehicles carrying out public transportation works. It can be used in cleaning of water resistant floors, slaughterhouses and many oily surfaces. It is also used for cleaning air filters in the stands in power generation plants.


It is applied on raw fabric by tweezing method.

  • In light pollution: 1 part SNT 3004/30 is mixed with water to make it ready for use.
  • In normal pollution: 1 part SNT 3004/15 is mixed with water to make it ready for use.
  • In heavy pollution: 1 part SNT 3004/5 is mixed with 5 parts water and made ready for use.

It is added to the water as oil remover in fabric washing machines in varying proportions.