Effective Solution to Calcium and Magnesium Salts Affecting Lime Formation.

SNT 6019 Concentrated Lime Inhibitor


Prevents scale formation in all heating and cooling systems. It is effective against all calcium and magnesium salts that cause lime formation. It absorbs ions in the water and causes lime formation.


SNT 6019 is added to circulation water in closed circuit circulation systems, cooling towers and steam boilers to prevent lime, rust and corrosion formation. It is used to protect all systems where lime in water is a problem.


Although it is a short-term solution to remove lime formed in certain periods, each intervention system will wear out a little more. This significantly reduces the life and efficiency of the system. With Snt 6019, such problems that will occur in the system will be eliminated. Extends the life of the system as it prevents the formation of lime. It minimizes the production loss and extends the maintenance time of the machines. Reduces maintenance costs.


After examining the water samples taken from the system, the most appropriate starting amount is determined. Periodic blowdown and scale inhibitor reinforcement rates may vary depending on the changing nature of the water. In addition, the amount of lime inhibitor to be added to the system should be adjusted according to daily water loss. The quantities to be dosed according to water hardness are set in kg / ton.

  • Soft water (7.3 - 14.2 french hardness): 0.5 - 1.0 kg / ton used.
  • Hard water (French hardness of 21.6 and above): 1.0 - 2.0 kg / ton used.